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On, was bumping elbows with this crazy skiing likely of this MOMS (mothers of Mormon sons) group, doing family search along the Polish-Solovakia border, in the old Austria-Hungarian Empire that of Galica, which today extends from southwest Poland into western Ukraine.

This was one of these super MOMS from the Quaker State. Both of us concurred that Find-A-Grave, like the one near where I was staying on my land near Ramah, NM, USA. Find-A-Grave says, McKinley County, when it was Cibola County, NM., says it is Valencia County, where Valencia County, did cover the region years ago. So when a couple of genealogists agree, one with extensive research on familysearch,org even though she may be a crazy skiing grandma, and I of family, when Find-A-Grave, or a ‘Higher Up’, tries to supersede, because genealogy is the sharing and coming to agreement on family history, this ‘Higher Up’, is likely creating errors for family sharers of their own family’s history.

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May be some people will understand this. Am in the age group of the Mormon grandmas. One of them ‘higher ups’, in the Church of Later Day Saints, had me communicate to one, because she was a top level genealogists. One thing was assisting me because she had to pay attention to him. Do not know quite what to do except genealogy is family sharing not of the ‘higher up’. Knew I was safe this time this Mormon grandma was not going to be able to kick me genealogically in the behind. She was quick in her research, but main area seemed to be of These lady grandmas of the Latter Day Saints I consider at the highest level of genealogical researching, so high that without documentation their authority is of people like me which know from experience at the level they do research, with others it is so far out of their realm of thinking they are speaking with eccentricity.

This lady said she had special access to the files on, I laughed, because I knew she did not access to what my dad printed from a dot matrix printer, and someone not a the security level as the Latter Day Saints in their genealogy put online. It of course included information on me his oldest son.

Mention to her that mom died on my birthday, she made commit indicating that the exact date was not on mom’s stone. This is where high level genealogists can communicate across where genealogists of a lower stature will not know what is going on. Knew she saw and image of mom’s cemetery stone.

Attending school at the University of Wyoming, when fourteen black students were kicked off the team. Sitting near the counselor a friend but did not explain their plans when they played BYU in basketball played the National Anthem, stood up backs towards the flag and fists in the air.

(Video) 1. Case Studies Live On Air - James Tanner (10 Jul 2022)

Though president of the Latter Day Saints made a difficult decision at that time, the level today of overlooked skin pigment level in the Church of Latter Day Saints is higher than mainstream American but today’s Church of Latter Day Saints have a ramification of reexplaining to mainstream which is more color conscious then they are.

These grandmas which are high level genealogists have daughters, these daughters team up, and since I know where these grandmas are coming from of course I agree with this team of daughters which say; YOU CAN DO DNA.

Kind of getting to old for this. Told this grandma high level genealogist, after knowing what Spencer W. Kimball where black men were allowed into the priesthood of the Latter Day Saints, this genealogists was from Pennsylvania the Quaker State, and being a Quaker, indicate as Quakers have been known in the past to make social change seamless. See we don’t put up a fight.

Would you believe these daughters had daughters making these excellent high level genealogists of my generations Mormon grandmas.

These young ladies are researching links of multiple links. This grandma I thought was fast in researching but these young ladies of Brigham Young University are doing in multiplicity.

There are only so many Mormon clientele they need to cross over and should I say to help the mainstream, which think they know how to do genealogy, by suppression, not sharing which is how it is done. Need to look outside of, and assist those in obtaining a knowledge of genealogy, in which it can be shown that DNA is just one of the many tools available to the family historian-genealogist.

Who is going believe that a person born in the forties, of Border Reiving descent owns and operates a dot com? My actions as one time a behavioral scientist was meant to do that. Was able to sort out the admins. THE FAMILY KNOWS BEST, is how genealogy is done. The first person to put their foot on the moon, was and Armstrong an engineer, then towards the end of the American moon landings, a geologist of Harvard from New Mexico, with a middle name the same as my mothers-in-law’s maiden name core drilled the moon.

With the challenger a social studies teacher was sent into space, with an engineer saying the O-rings were bad.

If an FTDNA admin has kicked someone off their blog then I am saying having worked as a second generation engineer ‘Your O-rings are bad’.

Changed the model. Own and operate three dot coms. Utilize behavioral separation. The scientists-mathematicians-geneticists-genealogists, by their behavior of being seekers and searchers, the top ones have already done so, will go to Microsoft Bing, (that young man Bill Gates started Microsoft in New Mexico, can’t understand why he moved to Seattle). Knew silences do not check what is a necessary for proper science and genealogy, that is documentation.

That is the worst situation a engineer can be in, especially having a standard of studies in ‘strenghs and materials’.

Since people without base principals like sig figs, are trying to superimpose their concepts on people as the judges of the Salem Witch Trials, and Senator McCarthy in ‘blacklisting’ Jewish authors as being ‘communists’, feel these immigrants which came to American after the Apache and Navajo, and my relative on the Mayflower, for us it is standard. Freedom of speech and religion.

The best way for a deception is to be as accurate as an engineer, and have people think you are a liar.


Mark Stephen Elliott

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There is an old proverb which assures that truth be told by laughing;
La Prision d’Édimbourg (The Prision of Edinburgh)
By Walter Scott
“2 There is an old proverb which assures that truth be told by laughing. The existence Walter Scott third son of Sir William Scott of Harden is educated as they say by charter bearing the great seal Domino William Scott of Harden militi and Walter Scott “suo legitimo tertio genito terrarum” (world,legitimate begotten) of Roberton. (See the Baronage of Douglas page 215). The old gentleman left his four sons considerable estates and gave those of Eilrig de Raeburn to his third. He who is the ancestor of Scott Raeburn and Waverly. author 11 Appears to have converted to the Quakers or Friends’ doctrine and became a great advocate of principles. It was probably when George Fox, the apostle of the sect, made a nun in the north of Scotland about 1657 AC. It is on this occasion that he says that as soon as the horse had set foot on the land of Scotland he felt the seed of grace shining around him like countless sparks. At the same time no doubt that Sir Gideon of Highchester’s second son William and the ancestor of the friend and parent of the author the representative of the family of Harden also embraced Quakerism. Gideon the latter converted entered into controversy with the Rev. James Kirkton author of the true and secret history of Scotland, which is mentioned by my ingenious friend Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe in this remarkable and curious edition of this work in 1817. Sir William Scott, the Brethren of the Brothers, remained in the midst of this defection an orthodox member of the church Presbyterian and us a uproot Walter de Raeburn to his heresy means that were more of persecution than persuasion. He was helped in his efforts by MacDougal of Makerston brother of Isabelle MacDougal wife of Walter and who like her husband had adopted the religion of Quakers Sir William Scott’s influence and that of Makerston were powerful enough to obtain two subsequent acts of the Privy Council of Scotland against Walter de Raeburn as heretic quakerism the co-inventor to be imprisoned first in the Edinburgh….”

One thing which is how one does genealogy they are not allow to kick out the in-laws if they are to be a family historian. Those dang in-laws have a tendency to push you so far, where one would like to put them out the door. This ones younger than Bobby Burns a true Scott with spoke and wrote in the Scottish language. This person like James I of Scotland, and VI of England his native language is Scottish. This Walter Scott and the King James Bible are in the Queen’s English. Elizabeth II, is unlike Elizabeth I who beheaded the Queen of Scots, Marie Stuart of France. Prince of Wales cousin to this in-law through Charles II. My Elliot line supported Charles II, was sold as an indentured slave to the English Colony of Massachusetts, to those Harvard Cromwellian Puritans, which like to silence free speech by hanging women as witches.

Though my Ell(i)ot(t) was already in America when the Quaker ladies arrived from Barbados, and were look upon as witches in 1657, the Scott House of Harden in which 29th chief given a large dowry married into, had family imprisoned in Edinburgh, because he listened ot George Fox.

The Hamiltonian Anglican Charles II Royalists help the family get reestablished in Tullykelter, County Fermanagh, Ireland. Supporting the Hamiltonian, such as the Alexander Hamilton from of Nevis Island of the West Indies, ended up imprisoned, then indentured to Puritans of the Colony of Massachusetts.

William Penn’s father supported Charles II, which then became King of England, and had sons whic

h the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of Buccleuch are descended from. The Prince of Wales attended Saint Andrews, likely better known for it’s Scottish game of golf.

One ends up with all sorts of in-laws. Both the Duke of Buccleuch, and I do not want a wind farm built next to the home place of Clan Elliot, where Mary Queen of Scots, met her lover, James Hepburn, a Northumberland surname, but called by his estate acquired from the Douglas, near Glasgow, he was called Bothwell.

Hepburn Wood | Visit Northumberland

Bothwell Visitor Guide – Accommodation, Things To Do & More | VisitScotland

Scottish Poetry Selection – Wha Daur Meddle Wi’ Me? (

BYU genealogy, you kind of swamped me an it is good you are moving on. Doing genealogy one needs others to look at a situation from a different angle. Guess I gave another angle to the situation, and one where DNA does not swamp the situation like you are swamping me. The Mormon ladies grandmas, mothers, and daughters, do diligent genealogical research at the highest of level, but without document ion and research done outside of they are not crossing over. They know it is not the genealogy applied to the DNA, but the DNA applied to the genealogy. A free taught me the saying “You do not throw out the baby with the bath water”, the baby is also it’s ancestry, When applying DNA it is just another tool, to integrate with the other new tools, to advance what the establish standards of genealogy already are.

The family knows best, and listen to the opposite sex in a DNA format, to a to the next generation of babies in which you will be the ancestry. It the following generations in their history throw you out of the tree, then they are not family historians.

The the Buccleuch, who is cousin to the Prince of Wales through Charles II, (R-L21 Y-DNA), his line says in the Ballad of Kinmont Willie (Armstrong), that Sir Gilbert Eliott of Stobs was in on the record, the 29thchief’s father that of Margaret Eliott of Redheugh, Sir Arthur Eliott of Stobs 28thchief, likely could share the same Y-DNA, and was chief when I began my genealogical research, and descendant of the aristocratic line mine banish from both kingdoms does not have as far as I know aristocracy in it, says which I agree with that it was his grandson, Gib (Gilbert) ‘Of the Golden Garters’, he received a large dowry including land when he married a Margaret ‘Fendy’ Scot(t), of Harden, the line was temporally realigned a north of the English-Scottish border towards the Douglas of Cavers and the Scotts of Harden-Branxholm in on the rescue. For us non aristocratic Elliott it is great to have the chief back in Redheugh and not aristocratic. Figure her father Sir Arthur Eliott is about my 27thcousin one time removed. Do not pay any attention to chief Margaret when she talks about a ‘vagabond’ Elliot from my area of the world, am in enough trouble as it is.

That guy may like mother’s highlander yellow tartan, but I have preference to dad’s border made in USA blue tartan fabric;

Во мне из Венгерско-Австрийской империи, теперь включенной в состав Украины, от дедушки Стивена Петера Барны, который умер, когда мне было около двух лет, у меня есть русская аутосомная ДНК во мне. Мама моей матери умерла, но папа познакомился со Стивеном Питером Барной. Беженцы Украины, вероятно, европейские беженцы прошлого будут приняты, они усыновят, как и многие США американцы имеют английский язык. Компьютер был впервые разработан, учитывая его ограничения с английским языком, теперь использует несколько символов, используемых как один, он обрабатывает большинство языков, а со временем и гораздо больше. Универсальным языком для восточной России является Россия, но для того, чтобы это было установлено, он должен быть разделен между теми, кто живет своим. То есть было важно общение между народами востока России.

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